Rules Channels

1. Do Not Spit/Sex Talk.
2. Do Not Flooding/Nuking/Hacking.
3. Don't type in all CAPS.
4. Do not be rude to newcomers.
5. Use common sense, and don't be a jerk.
6. Do not impersonate any other user in chat.
7. Do not harass other chatters. You can respectfully disagree, but don't be rude.
8. Disrespect and intolerance towards other people is NOT acceptable, and will result in measures being taken against any offenders.
9. Which ranking Top 1 or 2 will be authorized our Super Operators(SOps) list, and SOps can add UOp/VOp access overall.
10. For those who ranking 3 to 10, you will get Auto Operators(AOps) to the end of Quarterly Schedule and I as a representative grateful to all for choosing our channels.

*From time ongoing we will update to you.
*Every 4 months will be changes on AOps/SOps list level. (See Schedule section.)
*The way I made an arrangement is If you do not register a nickname, I would add the following Access Level to others in ranking list who registered nickname. (If any issues in this case, Please let me know first before your ACT.)
*For those who are interest in becoming part of our team. Keep in touch with our Management Team. (See Management section.)